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How Does A Catheter Malpractice Happen?

Urinary Catheters are often used in many medical procedures. It is a device that the majority of medical professionals are quite familiar with. The purpose of a catheter is to collect urine while the patient is unable to control their own bladder for whatever reason. This medical device is inserted into a patient’s bladder through the urethra.

Catheters are not only overused, but they tend to be forgotten about, according to The American Journal of Medicine. A catheter that is improperly placed or not properly maintained can cause a patient more harm than they are already experiencing. Putting a catheter cannot be done just by anyone. A person who is educated and trained in how catheters function should be the only one able to insert a catheter. Even then, those who are trained can sometimes perform mistakes.

When a mistake in the medical field occurs, the Orlando Attorneys at Percy Martinez Law Firm are there to help their clients determine what damages can be recovered.

 Are Catheters Being Used To Frequently?

According to the Americal Journal of Medicine, the answer to this question is yes. A study conducted by them found that 31% of patients who had a catheter inserted did not really need it in the first place. Many people believe that a catheter is overused because of the many patients that a nurse must attend to on a daily basis. By having a catheter, a nurse does not have to deal with a patient needing help to go to the bathroom or having an accident. The benefit is for the nurse which saves her more time.

The overuse of catheters is not the only problem that has been encountered. There are many nurses that forget that the catheter was inserted, therefore leaving the catheter inside more time than it should be. When these medical devices are inside for too long, a person can suffer an infection. The infection that surfaces the most from catheters is urinary tract infections.

Urinary infections are the most prevalent infections that occur within the United States. In fact, 36% of infections are UTI’s. These types of infections can be extremely painful and may require further medical treatment. In some instances, UTI’s can even lead to a person’s death. When this occurs, negligence may have been the result of the injuries.

Medical Negligence By A Nurse

Medical malpractice claims can be filed against nurses just like they can against any other medical professional. When a nurse is the cause of a patients infections or worse complications from unnecessary catheter use, forgetting to remove it in time, or improperly inserting it, they can be held liable for the repercussions of their negligence caused.

Take Legal Action by Hiring an Orlando Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Nurses are responsible for taking care on inpatients and should pay attention to when a catheter should be taken out and should not place one when it is not required. Failing to provide adequate care can lead to serious injuries and be the cause for seeking legal action against the accused party. Percy Martinez and his partners in Orlando work at making negligent medical professionals pay for their damages.

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