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Your First DUI Offense

This article is by  Payam Shayani, s fantastic personal injury and criminal defense lawyer.  Being pulled over for DUI for the first time can easily be one of the most frightening experiences that people can ever going through. You may be asked to complete a field sobriety test, such as the walk and turn test, and out of fear, you may fail. With the police officer’s disregard for your emotions getting in the way of the test, you may be arrested and facing serious criminal charges.

If an officer believes that you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she will do their best to ensure that you are arrested and charged with drunk driving. They may make an error or provide wrong information on paperwork during the arrest. As such, retaining the services of a seasoned and compassionate DUI lawyer is absolutely critical to your future.

Without an attorney present, you may fail to learn your rights and options. When a person is arrested for drunk driving in the State of California, they are required to call the DMV within 10 days if they wish to contest the suspension of their driver’s license. Without this administrative DMV hearing, you will automatically have your license suspended, despite the outcome of your criminal trial.

DUI Lawyer Defending Clients at their Criminal & DMV Hearings

While some cases may be dropped due to insufficient evidence or other reasoning,  DUI Lawyers must fully prepare each and every case as if it will go to trial against an aggressive prosecution. With this mentality, our clients are pleased to find that they have built a successful track record and reputation in the legal community.

To find out more about your first DUI offense and how to obtain the proper defense strategies, please call a firm today!

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