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New Jersey DWI Attorney John Menzel, J.D.

If you are in need of powerful or strong DWI / DUI defense in Asbury Park, NJ, call Attorney John Menzel today for a free initial consultation. Our number is (888) DWI-1-DWI.

New Jersey DWI and DUI defense Lawyer John Menzel is respected as a premier New Jersey DWI Attorney in the State. This website helps explain the New Jersey DWI Laws and helps you find a New Jersey Drunk Driving Attorney that can represent you expertly. New Jersey DWI Lawyer John Menzel, J.D., a leading drunk driving defense attorney serving clients in courts throughout New Jersey is like a celebrity among DWI Lawyers. His role as leading attorney in the now famous “Chun” case has garnered respect in Asbury Park and throughout New Jersey. After defending his first New Jersey drunk driving case in 1987, attorney John Menzel, J.D., has concentrated his practice in drunk driving defense since 1988.

Once, the terms “drunk driving,” “driving while intoxicated,” “driving while impaired,” “DWI,” “driving under the influence,” and “DUI,” were terms with significant legal distinctions with significantly different legal consequences in New Jersey. But today in New Jersey, these terms have come to…Read More

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An All Too Common Story For New Jersey DUI Defense Attorneys

You go out on the town one night to celebrate your engagement, and you drink a few glasses of wine with your dinner. The conversation is flowing effortlessly, the music is pleasant, and you could swear that you only had two drinks, but you may have actually lost count. When it’s time to pay the tab and go home, you don’t feel affected at all. You don’t think twice about whether or not you should drive yourself home…until you are pulled over and are found to be over the legal limit. The next thing you know, you find yourself in desperate need of a New Jersey DUI defense lawyer.

A DWI defense attorney can save you from some very harsh consequences in Asbury, NJ and the surrounding area. Is it fair to let one mistake ruin the rest of your life? Just one charge of DUI can lead to very severe consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life in the form of a criminal record. You can face jail time and many other penalties, such as:

Making a mistake doesn’t make you a bad person, who deserves to live with a paralyzing stigma for the rest of your life. Don’t give up hope and don’t attempt to negotiate with the prosecution on your own. You will never regret investing in a qualified, well regarded DUI defense attorney to represent you in New Jersey. Your legal rights will be protected and so will your professional and personal reputation, which took you years to build. Don’t roll over and accept whatever is offered to you by the state. Get yourself an experienced attorney to look out for your interests and your future right away.

At The Law Offices of John Menzel, you can expect personalized attention for you and your DUI case, immediate responses, including same day or same week appointments, open and prompt communication, sensitivity, compassion, and respect during this very difficult time, plus expert legal advice intended to give you the best possible outcome for your criminal DUI case.

Even if you have been convicted multiple times for DWI in the past, you still have rights and The Law Offices of John Menzel will fight to make sure that they are protected. We will never give up on you and we don’t like to lose. Contact dedicated New Jersey DWI defense attorney, John Menzel at The Law Offices of John Menzel for a free consultation today to find out how we can help you defend your legal rights and save your future reputation. If you have a pending DUI case in Asbury Park, New York, don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us immediately to start minimizing the damage and helping you put this ordeal behind you.

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  • "Mr. Menzel is a true advocate for his clients. He is highly knowledgeable in the subject matter of DWI defense. I endorse this lawyer."

    Michael G.
  • "Mr. Menzel is a true advocate for his clients. He is highly knowledgeable in the subject matter of DWI defense. I endorse this lawyer."

    Michael G.
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 Experienced DWI Defense Attorney In New Jersey - John Menzel, J.D

John Menzel, J.D. - NJ DWI Lawyer -defends people in New Jersey charged with drunk driving and related DWI offenses.

In New Jersey, John Menzel, J.D., has, among other things tried thousands of drunk driving cases and handles hundreds per year. Appeared in municipal courts in all of New Jersey's 21 counties...Read More


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