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How Does A Catheter Malpractice Happen?

Urinary Catheters are often used in many medical procedures. It is a device that the majority of medical professionals are quite familiar with. The purpose of a catheter is to collect urine while the patient is unable to control their own bladder for whatever reason. This medical device is inserted into a patient’s bladder through the urethra. Catheters are not only overused, but they tend to be forgotten about, according to The American Journal of Medicine. A catheter that is improperly placed or not properly maintained can cause a patient more harm than they are already experiencing. Putting a catheter… Read More

Thousands Affected By State’s Failure To Properly Calibrate Breath Testing Instruments

A New Jersey State Police Breath Test Coordinator Instructor, the official responsible for checking calibration of breath testing instruments used for most DWI prosecutions in New Jersey, was indicted this week. Marc Dennis is accused of official misconduct, false swearing, and records falsification because, according to the New Jersey Attorney General, he failed to perform a required step necessary to assure correct temperature measurements by the Alcotest 7110 MK-III C. The Attorney General estimates that 20, 667 cases in the past seven years in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Union, and Somerset Counties could be affected. The Attorney General petitioned the New… Read More

Attorney John Menzel Quoted In NJ Law Journal

Attorney John Menzel was recently quoted in the NJ Law Journal article discussing AG’s Bid for Special Master in Alcotest Suits. You can read the entire article by visiting the NJ Law Journal site.

Can Patient Abandonment Lead To A Medical Malpractice?

Before trying to understand whether patient abandonment can lead to a medical malpractice, a person first needs to understand what exactly patient abandonment means. Patient abandonment refers to just that: when the patient is abandoned by their health care provider. The health care provider ends the patient-doctor relationship without any valid reason or any notice ahead of time. They just stop treating the patient. Along with doing this, they do not allow the patient the time to be able to get another doctor to treat their condition. When this occurs, the patient can suffer further injury by the delay in… Read More