New Jersey DWI Attorney John Menzel

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I want to thank you for your representation in my personal case in ocean town ship recently. Your knowledge and professionalism made the entire process easy to work through in the end. I appreciate your excellent communication and Shanna also was very active and responsive in each case I communicated directly with her. Clearly, it has been a difficult personal time to manage through but I have been fortunate that I was referred to you for my counsel. Thank you very much for navigating the path to fair and fortunate outcome to the case.

Best regards.”


“Attorney Menzel is a highly qualified DUI defense attorney. That statement is an understatement of near biblical proportions. He was a litigator in the State v. Chun case which was the most comprehensive challenge to the use of alcohol breath testing to prove blood alcohol content done to date. It is legendary stuff. You as a potential new client would do yourself and your cause well in hiring Attorney Menzel. Not only do I recommend him and trust him, but so do many, many of his colleagues around the nation.

Justin M. DUI and DWI Attorney

“John Menzel is simply one of the best DUI lawyers in the country. His work in challenging the admissibility of breath tests is well known to every serious DUI lawyer. He is active in the National College for DUI Defense, and continuously participates in their educational programs at the highest level. He is considered one of the elite in the field, and anyone who is lucky enough to have John represent them is very well represented indeed.”

Thomas H. DUI and DWI Attorney

“Anyone serious about DUI defense knows and respects John Menzel for the knowledgeable, zealous, but always gentlemanly advocate that he is. His work in the groundbreaking area of breath test source code litigation is the stuff of legends and has changed the landscape of DUI defense. I’m the happy recipient of his invaluable mentoring and without reservation, I highly endorse this lawyer’s work.”

Steven F. DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer because he is a quality lawyer. Mr. Menzel is a teacher to other lawyers because of his exceptional knowledge of law and chemical testing, and the errors of the testing. Mr. Menzel knows how to find the facts and evidence that will get you the best results in your case if you have been charged with a DUI/DWI. He is a respected professional by his peers, Prosecutors and Judges. Prosecutors know when Mr. Menzel is taking a case to trial, they will have trouble proving their case because he knows more about the machines than their experts do. Isn’t this the kind of lawyer you want representing you? If it was my case, and I was charged with a DUI/DWI, I would be hiring Mr. Menzel to represent me, and I am a lawyer; you should too.”

Donald D. DUI and DWI Attorney

“John has made himself into an expert in DWI/ DUI law and the science involved in these charges. His attack on the breath test machine showed incredible expertise and determination. John has gone above and beyond what most lawyers would ever consider doing for their clients. I give John my highest endorsement.”

Robert K. Speeding and traffic ticket Attorney

“John is one of the best DWI attorney’s in NJ. His experience is second to none. He has been on the forefront of every serious DWI issue in our courts. He is also on the front-lines of making sure other attorneys, sometimes his competition, are properly trained to handle DWI’s. I highly recommend this attorney.”

Steven H. DUI and DWI Attorney

“Having been a member of the National College for DUI Defense for over 10 years now, and as an annual attendee of two to three national DUI defense seminars, I have been privileged to get to know many of our nation’s finest DUI defense attorneys. John Menzel is undoubtedly amongst this select group. He has a reputation for professional excellence both in and out of the state of New Jersey. He is known to be a well trained, experienced, compassionate DUI defense attorney. I proudly endorse John Menzel.”

Harley W. DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mr. Menzel is very prompt about returning phone calls and incredibly knowledgeable about the law in New Jersey. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to a family member or friend.”

Karina J. DUI and DWI Attorney

“Attorney Menzel was an instructor at a seminar I attended. He not only attends the best training in the country, but he TEACHES at the best training in the country. He was an excellent instructor. If I was in trouble, I would not hesitate one second to call and hire Attorney Menzel. I confidently and wholeheartedly endorse the work of Attorney Menzel.”

David B. Criminal defense Attorney

“Great DWI lawyer”

Todd P. Criminal defense Attorney

“John has been in the forefront of DUI defense. He has been an invaluable resource for the best lawyers in the field. It has been my pleasure to hear John speak at numerous high level DUI seminars. Also, I have had the pleasure of engaging in numerous meaningful dialogues with John. Clearly you can’t do better than John. Hire him to be there with you.”

Manny D. DUI and DWI Attorney

“John is not only an excellent attorney but also a great person. He is highly skilled in DUI Defense. I would recommend him to anyone. I consider him a colleague and a friend.”

N. Dineen DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mr. Menzel is a true advocate for his clients. He is highly knowledgeable in the subject matter of DWI defense. I endorse this lawyer.”

Michael G. DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Michael C. DUI and DWI Attorney