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Is It Plausible for Someone to Handle a Driving Without a License Charge on Their Own Without the Assistance of a Traffic Crime Attorney?

Some people feel that traffic-related offenses are simple and should, therefore, be easy enough to handle on their own. However, if a person is charged with driving while revoked, it’s usually worth hiring an attorney to defend that. Attorneys are familiar with the courts and the players, and a traffic crime attorney will be able to get a plea bargain that an unrepresented person may have difficulty getting.

Are Drivers Allowed to Drive Without Insurance in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the law requires a person who owns or leases a vehicle to maintain liability insurance on that vehicle. If a person does not maintain that insurance, that’s a violation that can potentially lead to a revocation of driving privileges for one year. Recent changes in the law mitigated that mandatory sentence to some degree, provided that the failure to have insurance arises from an incident where there is no motor vehicle accident and that the person obtains insurance prior to the adjudication of the ticket.

If there is a motor vehicle accident, the person would still face a one-year revocation of their driving privilege and civil liability. In other words, instead of an insurance company representing you in arbitrating the claims with another insurance company, you would face a civil lawsuit from either the person’s insurance company or from the other person directly. In short, you don’t want to be without insurance in New Jersey.

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